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Trieven Copenhagen

Skoal is presently our “head honcho” here at the kennels. He is the one everyone wants to hunt with (but he is Val’s dog). He is a good looking, hard-going dog of 85-90 pounds. He is the smoothest, easiest moving dog in the field you will see anywhere. He never stops hunting! We really have to watch him, because if we stop to plan a drive or hunt, and if we take too long, Skoal is off and going! He has a great nose, is excellent in the coldest water (we hunt the rivers, usually when it is well below freezing). When birds hold, he points with the intensity of his Great-Grandsire, Twist.

Skoal is also the sweetest and gentlest of dogs. He has a great disposition, is good in the house, and loves it when our grandsons are visiting. This year, he gets to hunt with the boys; this will be their first year to hunt pheasant! Skoal gets along with everyone: other dogs, our cats and horses, but watch out if you’re a bird! He is throwing his excellent qualities to his offspring.

SkoalTrieven CopenhagenTrieven Copenhagen

Skoal’s sire, Amoso, comes from a long line of naturally pointing labs, bred here in Wyoming. He goes back to NAFC/FC River Oak’s Corky, Dual CH. Happy Playboy, Dual CH.Torque of Dangerfield and our own FC/AFC Trieven Thunderhead. This offers a good outcross for any pointing lab program. Skoal’s dam, Missy, is a grandaughter of FC/AFC Wilderness Harley to go and a NAFC/FC Trumarc’s Zip Code bitch on top. Her mother, Whitney, was a daughter of AFC Twist & Shout, bred to a Thunderhead daughter. Skoal is OFA excellent and eyes clear.

Read a letter about a Skoal pup born in September of 1999

Stud Pricing

Stud Fee: $800

Airport Pickup and Delivery: $100 - Ship to Billings, MT

Excellent Facilities and Care: $9.00/day


Trieven Copenhagen
(OFA: Excellent)
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