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Trieven Trajan

Pure Style, with a Pedigree to Match

Trajan is our outstanding son of Twist and Shout. He is an excellent hunter, with a great nose, good water dog, and an excellent marking dog. Trajan is just like his sire, Twist, on point. He points naturally, with tremendous style, and will hold a point without breaking, without any whoa training.

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Trajan Trajan Trajan

If you are interested in a lab that has the style and intensity of a pointer, but the temperament, trainability and water work of a Labrador, Trajan is it. He is so intense and natural on point, we are sure he is going to throw this instinct as a dominant trait, as did his sire, Twist.

For those looking for a strong pointing lab, that can go all the way in field trials and hunt tests, Trajan certainly has the ability and the pedigree to produce outstanding pups!  OFA good, eyes clear.


Stud Fee: $800

Airport Pickup and Delivery: $100 - Ship to Billings, MT

Excellent Facilities and Care: $9.00/day

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