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AFC Twist & Shout MH

The Best of Both Worlds

In 1987, we were looking for an outstanding male to breed to Trieven Dynasty, a full sister to Hall of Famer FC/AFC/CNFC Jalvay’s Sweet Sharmain. We settled on a handsome Field Champ from Montana who we knew was also a strong pheasant and duck dog. The demand for the pups was high, and all were sold. One was purchased by Bruce Snyder of Texas, who ended up coming to work for us as a trainer. Jay bought this outstanding pup from Bruce at 13 months of age, and Twist became part of our family. He was a fun dog to have around, easy to train, lots of desire, and an excellent marking dog. He placed in some Derby stakes, and earned his MH title before two years. He was 19 months old when his strong natural pointing instinct surfaced. It was at a MH test, where the land test was an actual quartering test. Twist quickly found his birds, and pointed them with style, to the judge’s surprise! He passed the test (which earned his MH). The judge was so impressed he wanted to go out with Twist and Val to find the remaining 12 birds other dogs had missed. Twist found all but a couple, and pointed them all! After that, Twist was Val’s main companion in pheasant and quail hunting, along with the outstanding male pointing Lab, O’Corygun (national Derby list)

When Twist was about three, Vince Retacco (Tiger Mt. Kennels) had heard about him, and met the Walker’s at a Field Trial where Twist was competing. Between series, they went out and planted some birds for Twist so Vince could see how he worked. Vince was impressed, and decided to use Twist on his outstanding female, “Jackie”, producing some of the foundation stock for Tiger Mt. Kennels. The ranch owner was also impressed (he was an old time Brittany trainer, who didn’t believe a Lab could point). He said he could take that ol' black dog and wipe up the pointing dog trials around his area; he couldn’t believe the nose and intensity Twist had! By the way, Twist placed in that Field Trial! Twist went on to earn his AFC by winning an 80-dog Open All Age. He needed but 1 point to earn his FC when the Walker’s moved to Wyoming, and decided to hang up their Field Trial whistles for a while.

Twist went on to sire many pointing Labs, including Grand Master Pointers and lots of Certified pointing Labs. He is one of the strongest influences of Field Trial Labs on the pointing Labrador scene and is in a number of pedigrees. Twist consistently sired natural pointing pups, even out of non-pointing bitches. His pups have style, drive, marking ability, great nose, and intense pointing instinct, along with good looks and trainabililty. Twist passed on at the age of 13 in 2000. He is not entirely gone however, as Trieven Kennels has retained frozen semen for select future breedings. Only the best females will be used.

TWIST is the dog to look for in NATURAL pointing Lab pedigrees!


Frozen semen available to select bitches.

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